The East Tennessee Housing Development Corporation is committed to helping transform communities by focusing on desired outcomes  of specific communities (as identified by residents) and works with others in a collaborative fashion to assist in bringing these outcomes to fruition.  Quality affordable housing is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to building strong, resilient communities.  Our approach to housing is that it must be tailored to the community and become a long term asset for families.  We see that empowering communities as a key to creating viable, sustainable communities.

We know that improved housing alone cannot revitalize communities, so we will join with others to make sure social services, educational improvements and economic development activities are able to occur to create a healthy environment for community residents to flourish.  Our in-house one-on-one financial coaching program helps strengthen not only the families, but the underlying economic fabric of communities as well.  Because of our generous funders, we are able to offer these services at no cost to our clients.

We also know that community revitalization can only be achieved by an active and primary involvement of neighborhood residents in the life of a community and in the activities of our organization.   We will ensure that a strong neighborhood voice is present on our Board in the neighborhoods we are actively engaged in.  In this way, we envision that transformation can occur and a positive future created, one neighborhood and one community at a time.

Joe and the Mayor