The Lonsdale Community


Lonsdale is a diverse neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee that’s conveniently located just over a mile northwest of Downtown.  A series of initiatives to revitalize the neighborhood have been launched by the City in recent decades.  These efforts have focused on improving housing through renovations and new construction, restoring the public parks and community centers, and improving jobs and transportation patterns in the area.

In addition to ETHDC’s housing development efforts in the neighborhood, we work with residents to discuss livability issues and concerns in order to bring them to light so they can be addressed. We have conducted meetings for community input with the local Mayors.  In addition to housing quality and affordability, topics discussed include educational opportunity, safety, greenways, grocery and retail access, and expanded recreation access. ETHDC has formed a special Community Engagement Committee on our Board to continue working with residents to help make Lonsdale, as well as other neighborhoods, stable for home ownership, and a place where families will want to live, work and play.

ETHDC firmly believes that strong neighborhood involvement will keep our housing development efforts sustainable over time.   Our goal is to help facilitate the kinds of holistic community development practices that result in stronger neighborhoods where all residents can thrive, feel safe, and engage with their neighbors in common civic life, as well as enjoy a better quality of life overall.